Not Exactly Chanting Om,

But Mindfulness Does have a Place in the Cannabis World
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Some studies have shown that cannabis usage rates have risen since legalization. It's unclear whether the rise may be attributed to the fact that more people are openly reporting their consumption now that full recreational and medical usage is legal, or, if more people are in fact consuming cannabis.

Whatever the reason, cannabis is here to stay and with more consumption methods and cannabinoid profile options than ever before. Cannabis is now widely used for a whole host of reasons from relaxation, to chronic pain to sleep issues and many more. We are seeing potencies that have never legally been made available to the general public and new products come onto the retail market each day. With this vast array of options comes a wide span of effects. Since each individual will respond to cannabis uniquely, and an individual's response can modulate, it's a good idea to be mindful about your consumption.

Why are cannabis and mindfulness a good pairing? At first, this mindful approach can be as simple as accurately tracking your consumption habits, but this valuable exercise of tracking your data and writing down anecdotals of your personal experiences can help foster conscious consumption.

For those looking to combat the likelihood of unfavorable outcomes - Here's One suggestion: A deepend mindful approach to your usage habits can help you see both patterns in usage that positively affect symptomatology we look to address and usage patterns that may need tweaking in order to reach optimal results.

If more people approach their consumption mindfully it can help to decrease the chances of over consumption and combat rates of addiction, clearing the way for improved outcomes and supporting the efficacy of this plant medicine.

Posted by Tara Brasier

Tara is an educator with over 21 years experience, including teaching communications at George Brown College.
Tara's vision for Plant Alchemy is to teach you how plant medicines can bring healing and vitality to your life. With mindfulness, and cannabis, what you learn about yourself can be profoundly rewarding!

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